Additional Options

When it comes to weddings, there is already so much going on that sometimes you forget to pamper yourself! Here are some extras for the Bride as well as my families.

Boudoir Session

Discounted with a wedding package

When you purchase a wedding package with me, you have an option for a mini boudoir session.

I will ONLY do these for my wedding clients.

I can show you examples in person, as I do not post these images online.

Message me for pricing

Girls Day Out

Bridal Party or Friends Bonding Day

Want to dress up in a theme and take some awesome portraits with your friends?
Let's go to the spa and take some fun photos!
Or a Pajama Party Session!
Have an idea? Message me!

Pricing varies

Wedding & Portrait Retouching Services

Every session gets their own unique look to give you that magical feeling whenever you look at your images. Sometimes, there are issues outside of everyone's control that may need to be further enhanced or corrected. Here are my prices for Advanced Photoshop Editing. Please inquire with any questions.

Level One

This includes the following:

  • Blemish Removal
  • Eye Enhancements
  • HDR Effects
  • Skin Smoothing
  • Color Toning

$5.00 Per Image or $250.00 for 100 Images

Level Two

This includes the following:

  • Advanced Skin Enhancements
  • Hair Retouching
  • Small Object Removal
  • Plus all Level One Options

$15.00 per Image or $500.00 for 40 Images

Level Three

This includes the following:

  • Advanced Facial Reconstruction (including face swapping)
  • Head Replacements in Group Portraits
  • Removal of Background Distractions
  • Clothing and Body Enhancements (including wrinkle removal, color changes, bra strap removal, body shape corrections)

$27.00 per Image or $550.00 for 20 Images

Fine Art Editing

This can be added onto any image you choose. This includes all blemish and skin retouching, hair corrections, eye enhancements, distractions removed from the background, color toning, as well as an oil portrait effect on your final product.

This would be perfect for any image printed on canvas.

$25.00 per image

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